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A great pair of ladies high heel shoes is very high up on the list of things that all women love. Whether it comes to buying them or receiving them as gifts the demand for ladies high heel shoes is a phenomenon that has always astounded everyone.

The sales of high heel shoes for women is a trend that has always inched upwards regardless of other fashion trends and even in the face of sometimes uncertain economic climates like the current one that has existed for the best part of more than a couple of years.

Fashion pundits too are regularly flummoxed by ladies high heel shoes as their frequent proclamations that high heels are out every few years and their claims that now flats are in or small heels are the in thing are frequently proven wrong by the sales figures of high heels.

The reason may be the effect that ladies high heel shoes have on their posture and they way they walk. Some people claim that is just a mental thing, a placebo effect of putting on something like a high heel shoe that changes the way a woman carries herself. Other people cite scientific studies when they say that ladies high heel shoes change their posture and they lift the butt and alter their stride when they walk. No matter which of these camps is true it is indisputable that high heel shoes are the one accessory that make the most difference in a woman’s outfit and to the way that she carries herself. So much so that the simple addition of a pair of ladies high heel shoes can completely change the character of a woman’s outfit. You may be wearing a simple pair of jeans or a pair of trousers and a blouse as work wear but the addition of a pair of hot red high heels shoes can take your look from casual or even business formal to something completely different.