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Fashion trends may come and go and skirts may be in one summer but totally gone the next replaced by shorts or skinny trousers but the one fashion trend that never goes away is ladies designer shoes.

Ask any designer for the one trend that is completely dependable, one that will never be replaced and they will all agree resoundingly and without exception that ladies designer shoes is that trend. Though the colours and style undergo subtle or not so subtle changes from season to season and the styles are constantly morphing from one year to the next, the one thing that remains unchangeable and solid as a rock is that women truly love shoes and that the demand for ladies designer shoes is always up.

Sale of ladies designer shoes is a trend that seems to defy all other trends. Women buy up designer shoes in great numbers no matter what the cost and no matter how the economy is looking. Even in the current uncertain economic climate the sales of super high end shoes for women with prices that are truly stratospheric have seen no pause and women seem to be snapping up these ultra luxurious accessories almost as fast as high end boutiques can get them in stock.

The demand for high end ladies designer shoes is very hard to explain but there are some reasons why women love designer shoes so much and why they are always at the top of or very near the top of the shopping lists of any and all women who are into fashion trends and who like to dress in the latest styles. The reason is that shoes are a great accessory that can make the difference to any outfit and a great personalisation that can truly help a woman express her personal and individualistic style. Even teamed with something as simple and basic as a pair of jeans, a great pair of designer shoes can truly make you look stunning.